India gift box material choices consider costs, culture equally

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India gift box suppliers adopt materials that are often associated with the nation’s culture, sourcing these domestically to keep costs down.

Options include handmade and food-grade paper, bone, horn, marble, soapstone, lac with mirror or glitter, leather and paper mache, all of which are produced within India. Companies, for instance, get paper and lac from Jaipur, and marble and soapstone from Agra. This allows them to save on transportation costs and consequently cut production expenses by 15 to 20 percent.

Such reductions, combined with stable raw material costs, help keep prices steady despite the more than 20 percent increase in labor rates. Other factors that impact quotes are material type, size, print, finish, embellishments and workmanship.

To differentiate their selections, suppliers prefer handcrafting to carry out the last two. For example, bone, horn and brass gift boxes are manually carved and painted. Ethnic artwork and regional designs help products stand out further.

Asian Handicrafts offers gift boxes made of bone and horn in a natural finish, and with carvings and cutwork.

The Mark Impex also carves its mango wood models manually. Pieces come in a natural, white antique, pewter or lacquered finish. Models come in a square or chest shape and in single or progressive sizes.

Midas Touch embroiders by hand the polyester-satin, silk and velvet lids of its gift boxes. Models have an MDF base covered with fabric. Insides are likewise fabric-lined. Embellishments include plastic sequins, rhinestones, and glass and wood beads. Zari borders and sari patchwork are popular.

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Product categorization & prices

Categorized by material, India’s line of gift boxes include those in handmade paper with screen-, handblock-, digital- and offset-printed designs. New releases have foil-stamped and embossed patterns, and burnt, suede, leather, wrinkle and crushed-satin finishes. Glitter, glossy and laminated paper are used. Models made of the last are moisture-, tear- and fade-resistant. Plastic and metal sequins, mother-of-pearl, dry flowers, zari patches, stickers, and glass, wood or metal beads are common embellishments.

Among wood models, handpainted and carved designs, bone, horn and brass inlays, and pewter and lacquer finishes are highlighted.

Fabric-based gift boxes are versatile as suppliers have numerous material options, including silk, satin, velvet, jacquard, and polyester-satin, -silk and –crinkle, and even canvas.

Constructionwise, basic gift boxes come in solid colors with an embroidered sticker onthe lid, and flocking and satin ribbon trims. Multicolor screen-printed round, oval, rectangle, square and heart shapes are also used.

Meanwhile, fancy gift boxes have multicolor handblock or digital prints with varying textures, finishes and shapes, including animals, butterflies, pillow cases, hexagons and drawers. Lace, net, satin and

Decorative gift boxes are made more functional via detachable lids, slide openings, half windows, take-out shapes, and inside shelves and compartments. Foldable models and those with progressive sizes are also available.

Low-end gift boxes use handmade paper, lac, paper mache and fabric set on an MDF base. Sizes are 2×2, 3×3 and 4x4in. Designs include regular shapes, solid colors, small embroidered stickers or patches, screen-printing, handpainting, and mirror, bead and satin ribbon embellishments. Price is $2 to $4.

Midrange models adopt wood, bone and horn. Embellishments such as sequins, dry flowers, mother-of-pearl, beads, embroidery, patchwork and carvings are common. Available sizes are 3×4, 6×4 and 8x4in for $4.10 to $8.

High-end releases use paper mache, fabric, leather, wood, bone and horn. Models have new and regular shapes, handpainting, sequins, dried flowers, mother-of-pearl, beads, patchwork, embroidery, zari and sari patches, carving and inlays. Sizes are 8×4, 6×6 and 9x6in for a price of $8.10 to $20.

India’s gift box industry consists of nearly 1,000 suppliers, which include up to 400 exporters of paper, wood, leather and fabric categories. Small and midsize companies have a monthly capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 and 10,000 to 50,000 pieces. Large operations earn more than $5 million every year. Monthly capacity reaches 100,000 gift boxes.

Gift boxes from India are exported to the US, the EU, Japan and Australia. Emerging markets include South and Latin America, South Africa and Israel.

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