In 3 mins over 30,000 people log in Taiwan high-speed rail website

The Spring Festival this year, a total of six days holiday, the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail today (17th) early spring selling tickets for the Spring Festival, but just arrived at 12 am high-speed rail official website cestered, passengers responded “high-speed rail booking and crashes,” high-speed rail response is not a hit, This is mainly due to the influx of too many people at the same time. Despite the fact that the HSR booking service has handled over 22,000 people, it surged more than 28,000 in the first three minutes of the day. Reporters measured that until 12:30 Official website is still not catch up, App shows the ticketing system is busy.

Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail said that in response to the Spring Festival Dredging passengers booking enthusiastic, has adjusted the relevant hardware and software settings and mobility necessary network and booking host resources to ensure service efficiency and quality. After the booking was made early this morning, the high-speed railway companies also sent specialists to monitor the ticket sales situation at any time. The booking channels maintained their normal booking efficiency.

Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail said that this year’s Spring Festival ticket booking also provides passengers with Internet booking, supermarkets, mobile booking, telephone voice booking 4 pipeline services, a total of up to accommodate a maximum of 22,000 people on the line, the booking pipeline The capacity is based on the booking host performance and the characteristics of the channel deployment, to ensure the best booking efficiency.

In order to serve the travelers to return home for reunion and New Year’s travel needs, the High Speed ​​Rail Scheme will organize a nine-day Spring Festival dredging exercise from February 13 (February) to February 21 (Wednesday). Passengers may check in via T Express mobile ticketing system, HSR cooperation supermarkets, Internet booking system or voice booking system at 0:00 am on January 17, or at the station opening hours to the ticketing window and automatically Ticket machines, a pre-order spring during the required transport tickets.

source : udn

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