IBM Demonstrates Latest Microcomputers


Remember the computer volume 20 years ago? With the advancement of related technologies, the size of computers has gradually grown from the earliest size of a room to be able to be carried in smart phones and wearable devices, and today the record will be rewritten again. IBM at the annual conference on the 19th Think 2018 announced the latest micro-computer, the size is so small that you can pick up with one finger.

The microcomputer, which is the size of a coarse salt particle, has the same computing power as the 1990 x86 chip. According to IBM, the manufacturing cost is even less than 10 cents (about NT$3), and hundreds of thousands of transistors are used in the device. Transistors), which can monitor, analyze, communicate, and process data to help verify that the product has been properly handled throughout the lengthy process.

The minicomputer is what IBM calls “crypto-anchors.” Specifically, it will become a data source for blockchain applications. After embedding it in products or components, it will prevent digital fingerprints from being tampered with. Helps track shipments of goods and detect theft, fraud, and violations, while also accomplishing basic AI tasks, such as sorting numbers.

IBM researchers are still testing the first prototype, and it is unclear when this product will be published, but Arvind Krishna, IBM research director, said that they believe this is just the beginning. They are food safety, components, basic food, counterfeit goods, For the identification and provenance of luxury goods, crypto-anchors is a completely new solution.

“In the next five years, crypto-anchors will be embedded in everyday objects and equipment, and will be used in conjunction with Blockchain’s decentralized ledger technology (DLT) to ensure the authenticity of items from the beginning to the customer.”


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