‘I really got her characteristics’ – sculptor unveils statue he made of Melania Trump, but it might need a bit of work

Ex-model Melania Trump stands out as perhaps the most glamorous First Lady ever to grace the White House.

But the amateur sculptor behind these new statues in Bosnia has not quite captured the President’s wife’s stunning beauty.

His somewhat slapdash creation – made out of gypsum plaster – does not really do justice to Melania, 47.

Inspired by his earlier Vladimir Putin sculpture, Stevo Selak decided he would also try to make the Trumps part of the scenery in his backyard in the town of Banja Luka.

Bosnian Stevo Salek also made a sculpture of Melania’s hubby Donald
His Donald has his hand resting on the Russian premier’s shoulder – which many would say is an accurate representation of their real-life relationship.

The forlorn, unsmiling Melania figure, however, is stood by herself.

Stevo built the sculptures of the most powerful political figures in the world after first building monuments of members of his own family.

“I did Melania in her measures 90-60-90,” he said. “People say I really got her characteristics with this sculpture.
The budding sculptor says people are impressed and can see the likeness of the US First Lady (Photo: Rex Features)

“Real life Melania is elegant, while my sculpture of gypsum and iron weights around 300 kilograms.”

“It was a big challenge for me. I even consulted hair stylists to help me doing her hair right”, the sculptor has explained.

“It is also more demanding to make a monument of Melania than Donald or other men, because women have more curves.”

With the heels, his Melania is 186 cm tall.