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HTC (HTC International Electronics Co., Ltd.) officially launched VIVE Pro Professional Edition, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of various types of commercial applications, and shapes various possibilities for enterprises to apply VR solutions. VIVE Pro can meet the needs of enterprise users in pursuit of the ultimate VR experience, provide higher resolution, better sound effects, more comfortable and the latest SteamVR tracking system, easy to deploy behind the company firewall, and more extensive tracking range. VIVE Pro Professional is a product for today’s most demanding and innovative VR users and reflects HTC’s growing emphasis on developers and corporate partners. Internationally renowned companies such as Airbus, Volkswagen Group and Raymond Corporation have all used VIVE to meet their training and simulation needs.

VIVE Pro Shapes Future Possibilities for Businesses
VIVE Pro provides enterprise users with VR commercial applications with the most complete and complete experience. The high image resolution of the VIVE Pro head-mounted display brings deeper immersion to commercial users, while also making text and images clearer. The vivid images greatly enhance the overall experience. VIVE Pro also incorporates high-end headphones and amplifiers to provide richer, more vivid and immersive sound effects. VIVE Pro’s new evolutionary ergonomic design ensures the comfort of professional users when they wear for a long time.

VIVE Pro Pro is priced at NT$46,000 (US$1,399) and includes a VIVE Pro head-mounted display, SteamVR tracking system 2.0, two base stations, and two controllers. It is suitable for commercial use and support. 6 × 6 meters of tracking range; with multiple base stations in series (Note), the maximum support for the 10 × 10 meter tracking range. The new base station will be purchased separately by open users in the future.

Daniel O’Brien, General Manager of HTC Americas, said: “VR is gradually changing the mode of business operations, interacting with internal employees and customers. We bring the highest quality VR experience to the market, combining high-resolution visual experience, as if Its sound effects and the best components on the market today are in VR helmets. For businesses that want to use the latest technology to improve their business model or optimize their workflow, VIVE Pro can provide an immediate upgrade experience.”

source: HTC

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