How Brands Like Under Armour Are Enabling Responsive Products

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In an effort to continue designing products that please loyal customers and entice new ones, retailers are creating responsive design that allows consumers to experience a customized product offering and adheres to their daily lifestyle.

Taking smart apparel to the next level, brands are implementing wearable technology that can be used in a multitude of ways, in a variety of products, to enhance the consumer experience.

far infrared fabric, Far Infrared Ray, sport

Far Infrared Ray

Levi’s x Google

Clothing brand Levi’s partnered with technology company Google to design a smart denim jacket for the urban cyclist. Thanks to Google’s Jacquard technology, a conductive yarn woven into the garment, cyclists can tap or hold the left cuff in order to accomplish tasks like changing music tracks or answering phone calls without having to stop riding and take out their phones. A recent update now allows the jacket to integrate with ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft, with the cuff lighting up and vibrating to notify wearers when their ride is a few minutes away. The jacket also integrates with Bose headphones, to give real-time updates on the car’s location.

Under Armour x Tom Brady

Performance wear brand Under Armour teamed up with NFL quarterback Tom Brady to develop a pair of pajamas that help him sleep better and recover faster. The pajamas are made from a material that contains bioceramic technology that absorbs the heat emitted by the body and reflects far infrared back to the skin in order to promote better sleep and faster recovery.


ChroMorphous is a textile developed by researchers in Florida that lets wearers control the color and patterns of their clothing, changing them instantly using their smartphones. Each thread of ChroMorphous fabric is woven with a micro-wire and color-changing pigment. The pigments are activated when an electrical current passes through the micro-wire and heats up the fiber imperceptibly.

Rainbow Winters

Rainbow Winters, a clothing line created by material futurist Amy Winters, designs garments that respond to external influences in their environment, such as light, sound, speed and moisture. These include a dress made from holographic leather that reacts to sound, illuminating as volume increases, or a dress whose fabric is screen-printed with color-changing ink, transforming when exposed to the sun.

These are just a few examples of how brands are enhancing the wearing experience of their apparel—for more on responsive design, see PSFK’s report Applying Connected Technologies To Augmented Fashion.

far infrared fabric, Far Infrared Ray, sport

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