Horrible truth about call centres putting you on hold has sent people into a panic

Just be very careful with what you say
It’s a universal truth that no one enjoys being put on hold.

Firstly, the reason you’re on hold is because you’ve contacted a call centre about something problematic.

Then there’s the dreadful music, the uncertainty of how long it will be until you speak to a human again and, if it’s a premium number, the unpleasant phone bill .

Throw all the above into the mix and it’s often too easy succumb to frustration.

Or use the hold time to have a conversation with someone else. Or make weird noises.

After all, no one’s listening to you, right?


So, so wrong.
As it turns out, whilst you’ve been listening to a tinny rendition of Greensleeves and swearing profusely, those operators have been listening to your every word and breath.

Twitter user Kylie Janam recently made the discovery and, like the rest of us, admitted her life was now “tainted by shame.”

She added, “Do you know the things I have said whilst on hold?
Easy on the swears
“Do you know the curses I have placed on all those that come before me? I’m so sorry.”

Others were admit they felt the same.

Including this guy, whose misdemeanours sound really quite bad.
Seriously, what next-level vitriol was this man doling out to get banned?

It’s not just the swearing and cursing to worry about.

On girl revealed she would sing along to the hold music. Not so bad if you’re a good singer. Mortifying if you’re tone deaf.
But don’t worry too much about what you may have given away about yourself because you are in fact bringing call centre workers much joy.

“Getting to listen to people complain is my favourite part,” said one lady.

“We used to put the funny ones on loud speaker and play the recordings back.”