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In the early days when Baokeng was launched, the phenomenon of national treasure capture was visible all over the world. Some important attractions sometimes appeared due to the existence of Pokémon, causing crowds to flock. However, once the boom has passed, you can still suddenly see a group of people gathering at a certain street to catch treasures at three or five o’clock. However, it is more common for uncles and aunts.

Recently, there was a Pokémon Arbor in Taiwan. Since riding a bicycle with 6 mobile phones in front of the screen, the screen is full of Pokémon screens. Therefore, the Reddit Forum has opened the eyes of foreign netizens. Foreign netizens use the word “Hardcore Pokemon hunter grandpa” to call this Arbor.

This photo was actually shared in the Explosive Waste Commune earlier. The full-length white-haired Aber and six mobile phones sitting on bicycles are all full of stories. The sharing netizens said that Arbor stopped playing and did not ride while playing.

However, in Taiwan, this Pokémon Arbour is not alone. If you have the impression, even before that, there was a Hsinchu uncle who was riding a motorcycle in Hsinchu. He also put a large board in front of the locomotive. 5 mobile phones, but also to catch treasure dreams.

Although riding a bike can not play mobile phones, but because the uncle fixed the phone on the board, not in his hand, plus he was parked on the roadside, so the police did not find him illegal.

In fact, many netizens’ comments are focused on the discussion of these Arbors and Uncles at the same time taking care of so many mobile phones. How can power problems be solved? However, one can imagine that, of course, rely on mobile power, but still need to solve the problem of the connection line, the uncle is also painstaking. You look at the picture, he will be fixed on top of the two mobile power, and then use the power of the two mobile power, in turn to three mobile phones, two flat-panel power supply.

In fact, it is not our illusion that Baogemen’s players have moved to middle and high ages. The 2017 Pokémon official statistics show that from July 2016 to June 2017, there is a clear trend of “aging” for Japanese users. Users aged 40 and above accounted for 38% of active users in July 2016. Data for June 2017 showed that the percentage of users over the age of 40 reached 48%, which was a sufficient increase of 10%.

If it is further subdivided into heavily used players, the ageing trend is more pronounced. The 40 to 59-year-old middle-aged and older players accounted for 46% of the heavy players, making them the main group of the game. Young players under the age of 40 account for nearly 60% of the game’s heavy players, dropping to 42%; while those older than 60 account for 12% of the heavy players.

Taiwan’s aging trend is similar to that of Japan, so Japanese data can be used as a reference. Why is the age of the heavy gamers playing the treasures now uncle and uncle? In fact, we can not say that young people do not play treasure dreams, but after all, most people still have to go to work, usually can be a full-time treasure training instructor, and only uncle and aunt.

Moreover, for these uncles and Aber, in addition to the fun of treasure, there is also an important function of Pokémon is social. In the process of catching treasures, they can run eastward and westward, catching up with the same players at the gathering point of catching treasures, and making new friends. Let life find new goals. This phenomenon is similar to the Chinese square dance aunt.

Previous PTT users discussed this phenomenon, a netizen’s argument is quite good: young people play “Pokémon GO”, the focus is on how many Pokémon caught, upgrade to how high; but senior players play “Pokémon GO”, the emphasis is on Go.

source: technews.tw

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