Google’s new app to “see” the world for visually impaired people


When the visually impaired people are on the road, even if they can know the direction of walking on the sidewalk signs, when they walk through a cluster of flowers or a few rows of chairs, they still cannot know the objects beside them. It is only dark or fuzzy for them. world.

To allow these visually impaired people to understand more about the world and physical environment next to them, Google has developed a new App “Lookout” to help them read the objects around them and the text on the paper.

Lookout currently offers 4 models that allow visually impaired people to change based on different situations, including home, work and travel, scanning and experimentation, and provide relevant information based on context.

For example, in home mode, the app will inform them of the position of the sofa, table, and dishwasher. The notification method will be like “sofa at 3 o’clock”; assuming it is in work and travel mode, App gives Information is the location of elevators or stairs. In scanning mode, it is helpful for them to read a piece of textual content.

Google recommends visually impaired people to open this app and hang the phone around their neck with a neck rope or in the pocket of a shirt so that the camera is facing the line of sight and let the Lookout App help them see the world and point the environment Object information and location.

Lookout can be used offline, and Google claims it will use machine learning technology. With longer usage time, it can better understand what kind of information users are interested in, and inform related items according to their interests.

Lookout is expected to launch this year on the Android system and the United States. However, for visually impaired people, the steps to watch the smart phone screen to control and open the app are almost impossible to perform without the assistance of others.

Google did not say whether this Lookout App can be implemented by the voice assistant Google Assistant. If not, visually impaired people still need help from others to open the app and select a mode before they can start to use it to see the world.

source: google

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