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Cloud storage services have always been highly competitive. In addition to price and capacity, technology companies have different additional services to attract users. Google recently announced that it will launch a service program called Google One, including a new cloud storage charging model.

The new charge model is that Google One offers 100GB ($1.99/month), 200GB ($2.99/month), and 2TB (9.99 US$/month) storage options, but solutions with more than 2TB of storage will not change the charging method ( The existing 1TB cloud drive solution will all be upgraded to 2TB free of charge. The 200GB solution is the new option, and the 1TB solution is canceled and upgraded directly to 2TB. In the new Google One program, the number of family members has been increased to 5, but the free user’s capacity is maintained at 15GB.

In addition to cloud storage billing changes, Google One also offers the opportunity to consult Google experts, as well as other services such as Google Play Points rebate or select hotel accommodation deals at Google search. However, Google did not release more detailed information on additional services.

Google’s cloud storage can be said to be the core of Google’s service ecosystem. This time not only introduces new charging plans, but also takes the form of new services. It means that Google may intentionally integrate users of different services and provide value-added services through unified charges. . In the future, if you join the paid services such as YouTube Red and Play Music to the Google One project, it is a surprise.

Currently, Google One is still not fully open. If it is already a user of a paid cloud storage solution, it will automatically upgrade to Google One in the next few months. Other users will wait for further information.

source: google

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