“God of War” broke the first month sales record of PS platform exclusive game


The latest generation of Ares became the highest-selling game in the first month of all PlayStation platform exclusive games since the PlayStation platform was launched in 1994.

According to the sales data published by the NPD Group, the highest-selling game in the United States in April was Ares, which sold 3.1 million units in just three days after launch. The first month’s circulation exceeded all other PlayStation platform monopoly games and beat 2004.

The “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” released on the PS2 platform in October broke the first-month sales record for the PlayStation platform exclusive game. In addition, the “God of War” released on April 20 only went on sale for 10 days in April.

In the UK, Ares was also listed in the top four weekly sales charts since its release. As long as it lasts for another two weeks, it will be able to break the record of the previous six-week sales championship of PS3’s Last Life.

source: youxiputao.com

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