Fujitsu Announces Availability of FRAM to Operate Memory at -55 Celsius


Japanese technology giant Fujitsu announced on the 13th that it has developed a 64-Kbit FRAM model MB85RS64TU. This memory is capable of operating at -55 degrees Celsius, and is the first FRAM non-volatile memory under Fujitsu Electronics to withstand such low temperatures, and is now available in volume production.

Fujitsu pointed out that FRAM is a kind of memory that uses ferroelectric thin film as a capacitor to store data, and it can save data even without a power supply. FRAM combines the features of ROM and RAM, has the advantages of high-speed data writing, low power consumption, and high-speed read and write cycles. Fujitsu has been manufacturing FRAM since 1999, also known as FeRAM.

The FRAM product guarantees 10 megabyte read and write cycles, which is approximately 10 million times that of competitors’ non-volatile memory EEPROMs. Therefore, many industrial applications that need to frequently overwrite data, such as instant data records and 3D location data records, use FRAM products.

Fujitsu stated that the new FRAM supports a wide range of power supply voltages from 1.8 volts to 3.6 volts and supports lower operating temperatures, down to minus 55 degrees Celsius, which exceeds the minimum operating temperature of competitors’ memory. Because it can guarantee 10 trillion reading and writing cycles within the operating temperature range, it is suitable for industrial equipment such as equipment and equipment for excavating natural gas and petroleum in extremely cold areas, including general industrial applications such as measuring equipment, flow meters, and robots.

FRAM products have introduced the industry-standard 8-Pin SOP package that replaces the 8-Pin SOP packaged EEPROM. In addition, an 8-Pin SON package with an extremely small size of 2.00×3.00×0.75 mm is also available. The surface mounting area of ​​SON is only 30% of the SOP package, and the placement volume is only 13% of the SOP, which is more suitable for the modern tool equipment that is lightweight.

Fujitsu stated that in 2017, Fujitsu will release FRAM products that can operate at 125 degrees Celsius, expanding the high temperature limit of the operating temperature. This time, we have developed a sub-55 degree product to further extend the low temperature limit of the operating temperature.

source: Fujitsu

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