“Fortress Heroes” total revenue reached $296 million in April


How popular is Fortnite? Recently, the research organization SuperData released the latest statistics. In the comprehensive statistics of the mobile phone, tablet and PC platforms, the total income of the “Fortress Heroes” in April has reached 296 million U.S. dollars.

If you have been paying attention to the “Fortress Heroes” for a long time, you may think of the game’s pioneering work in February: In the case of less than half a year’s appearance, “Fortress Heroes”‘s income in February surpassed that of creating chickens. Jedi survived (PUBG), reaching US$126 million.

In just two months, the monthly income of “Fortress Heroes” has nearly doubled. The Verge Report believes that game developer Epic Games is one of the reasons for the game’s aggressiveness in multi-platform, last September in PS4. After the simultaneous launch of the Xbox One and PC platforms, Epic Games launched the version again on iOS in March, and was officially opened to the public in early April.

In addition to this, what really made the “Fortress Heroes” shine was the free-to-play game mode adopted by Epic Games. After many players came into contact with the game, they collected funds through in-game purchases. Most of these items were sold. The main character of interest (themed characters, costumes, and dances) will not affect the balance of the game. Therefore, there will be no dispute over the fairness of competition between the “headteacher” and “non-subject leader”.

Many signs show that the fortress of the “Fortress Heroes” will continue. In addition to Epic Games intending to make the game land on the Android platform this summer, the rumors that it will land on Switch in the future are still continuing, not to mention that Epic Games announced last week that it will officially organize the relevant league later this year for the 2018-19 League Prize. Pool invested 100 million U.S. dollars.

With the official entry into the eSports industry, the high bonus pool provided by “Fortress Heroes” will attract high-profile competitors and more attention, which means that the game will maintain its leading position on live platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, and may even be possible. Can further widen the gap.

source: www.theverge.com

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