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The mining heat of Ethercoin has caused AMD and Nvidia’s GPUs to sell. The market is in short supply and prices are rushing. However, the good days may be coming to an end. Foreign investors said that the Chinese plant Bitmain has developed an exclusive mining chip for Ether, which has exceeded the GPU and will take away a large number of orders.

CNBC and Barron’s reported that Christopher Rolland of Susquehanna Financial reported on the 26th that they had traveled to Asia last week and confirmed that Bitland has developed an “Application Specific Integrated Circuit” (ASIC) chip specifically for excavating Ethereum. Shipped in the second quarter. Bitland may be the first player to launch an ASIC in the form of an Ethernet coin. In addition, at least three vendors are also developing an etheric ASIC.

Bitcoin ASIC chips developed by Bitland have much better mining results than GPUs. ASIC has long been the mainstream of bitcoin mining. Prior to this, Ethereum did not have a proprietary ASIC chip. Miners could only use GPU mining. Now that the situation has changed, the ASIC chips for Ether will be available for sale. Rolland expects that GPU buying will be affected. It is estimated that mining accounts for 20% of AMD revenue and accounts for 10% of Nvidia’s revenue.

Not only does GPU mining divide the demand, artificial intelligence (AI) requirements may also diminish. Rolland found that the industry is developing ultra-large-scale AI ASIC chips, similar to Google’s TPU2, which will be put into production in the second quarter of this year, and will be fully mass-produced in the second half of the year, which may weaken the AI ​​GPU buying momentum in the data center.

He cut down the Supermicro rating, downgraded from neutral to negative, and cut the target price from $13 to $7.5. However, Nvidia’s video game demand is relatively strong, and it is less affected. To maintain Nvidia’s neutral rating, the target price will drop from US$215 to US$200. On the 26th, the ultra-trend fell 1.79% to close at 10.44 US dollars. Nvidia rose 4.94% to close at 244.48.

source: Bitmain

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