Discovered the strongest rapid wave bursts to date


Astronomers detected the strongest and brightest rapid wave burst (FRB) ever, and their “signal to noise ratio” was more than 4 times higher than the current record holders. It was astonishing, but astronomers still did not know the origin of these waves. Mystery is still not opened.

A fast radio burst (FRB) is a burst of millisecond radio waves from an unknown area of ​​space. It has been recorded for the first time since 2007 and has been in existence for more than 10 years. These strange signals are very bright, but they may bring about quite a bit in the air. With hundreds of millions of solar energies, astronomers have never known where they are sacred. They may be the product of a huge catastrophic event in the universe, or they may be the sci-fi favorite extraterrestrial civilization.

So far, we have recorded 33 times of rapid wave bursts. However, except for the most mysterious “FRB 121102,” which has been repeated, the rest are all one-off events that cannot be traced back to the source. Therefore, FRBs are still a mystery to the universe. Most scientists suspect that they are caused by huge disasters such as black holes or neutron star collisions.

In early March of this year, the radio telescopes at the Parkes Observatory in Australia continuously recorded three new signals: “FRB 180301” on March 1st, “FRB 180309” on September 9 and “FRB 180311” on the 11th. Among them, “FRB 180309” is the brightest rapid wave burst ever detected, and the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) has reached a staggering 411.

As a comparison, the highest signal-to-noise ratio of the fast wave burst recorded before was only 90, and the signal-to-noise ratio of the other fast wave bursts was usually less than 20.

Most astronomers still conservatively infer that fast radio bursts may come from black holes or neutron star collisions, but some scholars believe that alien civilizations, such as Harvard University physicist Avi Loeb mentioned in a paper last year, the rapid wave burst may be outside Star Spacecraft uses energy beams as a product of propulsion.

In short, even if a rapid wave burst cannot be traced, statistics may tell scientists more information, such as understanding the frequency of FRB.


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