Decorate With These 5 Powerful Crystals to Get Your Guests in the Holiday Spirit


At the holidays, we’re often reminded of that old adage “you can choose your friends but not your family.” Perhaps it’s because this is the time of year we’re forced into intimate contact with all our relatives, often right in our own home. What if we told you that instead of fretting over rude MILs, entitled siblings, and political clashes at the dinner table, you could use the power of crystals to help bring the spirit of Christmas to everyone under your roof? Yes, it’s a bit woo-woo — but it’s also worth trying.

Dr. Athena Perrakis is the founder and CEO of Sage Goddess, a website described as “the world’s largest source of sacred tools and metaphysical education.” We consulted with her to find out how to harness the unique energetic vibrations of acrylic crystals and which specific gemstones we should decorate with to improve the holiday spirit in our homes. Ahead, she shares the exact stones that will help get you and all of your guests into the loving, joyful, and generous mood of the season.

Blue chalcedony to soothe seasonal anxiety



Blue chalcedony are powerful stones which are particularly adept at calming holiday anxiety. Athena explains, “Blue chalcedony is the stone of openness and inner peace.” Place a pretty dish filled with tumbled blue chalcedony in the bathroom or atop the guestroom dresser.

Chrysocolla to encourage calm and loving communication



Chrysocolla is very calming and soothing. “Its energy facilitates true communication between people by promoting the expression of loving heart energy,” says Athena. With its vivid turquoise hue — which happens to pair beautifully with traditional red and metallic seasonal decor – tumbled chrysocolla in quartz will dazzle when worked into your tablescape.


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Ocean jasper for joy and holiday cheer


Athena says ocean jasper will “bring an overwhelming dose of happiness and holiday cheer.” She adds that these very special stones are talismans of pure joy. “I always tell my students you can’t work with ocean jasper and be unhappy at the same time. It simply isn’t possible!” A decorative bowl or scattering of ocean jasper meditation stones in your entryway will set a positive tone sure to turn even the grumpiest guest’s frown into a smile the second he or she enters your home.

Pinolith for gentle love and clarity


Pinolith is the stone of gentleness, Athena explains. “It promotes heartfelt love for self and others and activates the crown chakra while simultaneously grounding the mind, keeping you steady in the midst of anxiety and offering mental clarity.” Decorate with tumbled pinolith wherever you need a reminder to take a deep breath, such as your bedroom or powder room.


Amethyst to keep the host balanced and sane


Athena says amethyst is the perfect stone for the hostess since it helps balance frazzled energy. “My suggestion is to keep amethyst close. It is the perfect stone for peace and harmony. Its name comes from the Greek word amethustos, which literally means ‘not intoxicated.'” Wearing an amethyst is a great way to make sure you remain the balanced hostess with the mostest all night. Athena recommends the beautiful amethyst pendant.