Daredevil dubbed the ‘French Spider Man’ scales one of Barcelona’s tallest skyscrapers – WITHOUT a safety harness

A daredevil dubbed the ‘French Spider Man’ has scaled one of the tallest skyscrapers in Barcelona – WITHOUT a safety harness.

Alain Robert climbed the Melia Barcelona Sky Hotel, a glass and steel covered hotel building known as the fourth tallest tower in the city.

Bystanders and police watched as the 55-year-old risked his life to ascend the building on Monday.

The urban climber is famous for his daredevil, harness-free approach to scuttling up buildings with nothing more than some chalk on his hands and climbing shoes on his feet.

The daredevil is no stranger to death-defying challenges (Photo: REUTERS)
The 55-year-old made it to the top (Photo: REUTERS)

Robert has conquered over 100 structures worldwide including San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa complex, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Sydney Opera House without safety equipment.