Crystals dreams meaning


To dream of a crystal represents feelings about something in your life being noticed as absolutely perfect. Immunity to criticism or being told what to do. Some area of your life that is too important or too perfect to be denied. Being unquestionably above reproach. Feeling stupid for not believing that something is perfect. Feelings about something being more unquestionably important than you are. Sensitivity about something being perfectly respected.

Negatively, crystals in a dream may reflect a naive or nonobjective level of faith in something being perfect or special. False assumptions about about something in your life being immune from criticism due to it’s power, beauty, or appearance. Awareness of yourself making other people jealous that you don’t have to listen to them. Arrogant or deluded thoughts about being a perfect person. Feeling that you have no choice about trusting someone or your own attempts to make others trust something that is unproven. Feelings about yourself or others looking stupid for trusting something. Being overly sensitive about something being perfectly respected.

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Example: A woman dreamed of seeing green crystals in a stream. In waking life she had temporarily taken a different job at work because due to it’s important managerial role it perfectly ensured that she couldn’t get laid off during a tough business cycle. The crystals in this case may have reflected her feelings about perfectly immune she was to being laid off because she was noticed as being too important or special to the company.