China Enables Artificial Intelligence Recognition Camera Monitoring Highway

Artificial Intelligence Recognition Camera

At a highway checkpoint on the outskirts of Beijing in China, the police responsible for road safety management are testing a new road monitoring device – a human-aided technology identification lens that can recognize the faceplates of passengers and passengers’ facial information in passing vehicles and immediately suspect the crimes. The person’s database is compared. Once the identified face information matches the blacklist suspect in the police database, a red square mark appears on the police surveillance screen and a warning message is immediately sent out.

The move reflects that the Chinese government is applying new technologies to enhance safety. The Beijing Police’s identification lens was developed by LLVision. At the same time, more and more diversified monitoring methods have also caused the outside world to worry that China is developing into a monitoring-intensive country and further cracking down on dissidents. David Bandurski, director of media research at the Hong Kong University Media Research Department, said that the Chinese government level is uneasy about the development of the Internet and communications technology, but the government’s attitude has become very fast and technology has become an integral part of managing society and government law enforcement. s help.

Wu Fei, CEO of LLVision Corporation, said in an interview: “The public need not worry about personal privacy because the government is using advanced technology to arrest criminals and bring criminal suspects and fugitives to justice. We should trust the government.”

The Chinese government is actively promoting the development and application of the artificial intelligence industry. At the China National People’s Congress held in Beijing this week, all participants who entered the venue must conduct facial scanning. This is the first time that facial recognition technology is the highest in China. Used in political meetings. The facial recognition technology used in this conference can complete individual identification within 2 seconds, analyze and compare facial information, and compare it with a crime information database called Skynet, which has global criminal blacklist information. . Scenes in some science fiction movies are becoming reality step by step.

The Chinese government has been deploying a more advanced security monitoring system. At the same time, people’s personal privacy is also facing a huge threat because there are a large number of dissidents such as lawyers and artists in the blacklist of the criminal system. The monitoring technologies used include police robots for large-scale crowd monitoring, surveillance drones in border areas, and artificial intelligence systems for online tracking and identification. In addition, scanners that read cell phone data and police dogs equipped with AR lenses are under test. According to the latest report, the Chinese government is building a huge voice database to improve voice recognition capabilities.

The monitoring methods that will be used in the long-term in the northwest China will be promoted nationwide and are expected to start in 2019.


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