British Nuclear Fusion Technology Breakthrough


In order to create a controlled energy comparable to that of the sun on the earth, countries are in full swing to develop nuclear fusion technology. Among them, Tokamak Energy, a British nuclear fusion company, recently stated that its temperature in the ST40 reactor has exceeded 15 million degrees Celsius, and the temperature has reached The sun core is quite.

Nuclear fusion By placing helium and neon atoms under high temperature or high pressure, the polymerization reaction caused by them will generate neutrons, helium and a lot of energy, which can be used to produce electricity. This technology will not bring any problems such as radioactive pollution, carbon emissions, etc. If we can successfully build controlled equipment, achieve continuous and stable energy output, and put nuclear fusion technology into power plants, we will have huge power available.

But the dream is not so easy to achieve. Scientists believe that if you want to create the same energy field on the earth as the sun, first the temperature must be the same as the sun.Tokamak Energy hopes to achieve this goal by “merging compression coils.” Two symmetric polymer compression coils will emit high current, forming a ring plasma around the coil, and then gradually reducing the current to allow the plasma groups to interact with each other. Pull and merge.

This reaction is also called magnetic reconnection. By releasing energy to form a ring-shaped plasma, the magnetic field is reset after the plasma collides with each other, and this is considered to be the way the sun releases energy. At present, the company has successfully heated the plasma to 15 million degrees. The ultimate goal is to raise the temperature to 100 billion degrees Celsius in order to build industrial equipment in 2025 and reach commercial nuclear fusion and grid power in 2030.

Nuclear fusion devices are mainly divided into tokamaks and stellarators. Both devices are designed to reverse the magnetic field and control the internal plasma. The Tokamak looks like a big doughnut, using a ring-shaped container to stabilize the plasma. The stellarator looks like a hair ring and uses a complex, low-power magnetic coil to stabilize the plasma. Tokamak Energy uses a more compact spherical design, claiming that its plasma pressure is higher than that of a conventional tokamak device, and that it can use a high-temperature superconducting magnet to control the plasma and convert it into usable energy.

Tokamak Energy CEO David Kingham stated that the world needs abundant, controllable and clean energy, and that the team business plan is based on a strong scientific foundation. This milestone also verifies the strength of the compact spherical Tokamak and it is private. The flexibility of the enterprise has taken a big step towards commercial nuclear integration.

Tokamak Energy has so far raised 40 million U.S. dollars, saying that its small-scale equipment is the key to gradually achieving its goals. Compared with other nuclear fusion technologies, the ST40 is similar in size to a general van, and is already the third-generation nuclear fusion equipment of the company. Tokamak Energy’s first ST25 device was built in 2013 and built the second in 2015. Taiwan, hoping to raise the temperature to 100 million degrees Celsius later in the ST40.


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