Blockchain countries and robot games are struck


CryptoKitties was the first game to succeed on the blockchain. It also opened up the possibility of blockchain in the game. Now other games are beginning to emerge. Do not want to buy a kitten, you can now buy a country or a robot!

“If 2017 is the year of the Ethereum ICO, 2018 is the year of Ethereum encrypted games.” Iuri Matias, developer of the Ethereum dapp application architecture, said on Twitter. Although CryptoKitties is still the most successful blockchain game to date, the upsurge relative to December 2017 has already faded, and the new game will be a strong one. The following will introduce two popular new games.

CryptoCountries’ gorgeous interface and profit potential have attracted many players. The game flaunting allows players to “rule the world in the blockchain”. Each country is an intelligent contract on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can purchase the country on a virtual map. Players buy the country will display the player’s unique color, which is the color of the player’s digital wallet last six yards.

After the country buys it, it does not mean that it is safe to do so. Other players can bid up to the original owner’s bid price twice, and buy the country from the previous buyer. Players who are bought out of the country will lose state ownership, but will receive new purchases from the country’s Ethereum. CryptoCountries has been attracting attention since February. Officials also claim to have a very high level of user satisfaction, and the commutation of commissions for trading is said to be the least in a blockchain search game. CryptoCountries is expected to renovate in the future, launching features to purchase cities, allowing more places to bid.

The design of EtherBots is similar to that of CryptoKitties. Users can purchase parts in the game market to assemble their own robots. The price of some rare parts was as high as 21 Ether coins, which was nearly NT$500,000. Users can use different parts to create unique robots, disassemble robots after assembly, or buy or sell robots on the market.

The most special is that EtherBots incorporates combat elements that allow users to use robots to fight other users. This makes EtherBots different from other collectible games and makes it even more popular. The winning robot in battle can be upgraded, and the player gets bonus parts.

However, to play blockchain games, you must also be vigilant. It is necessary to confirm the official credibility and transparency of the host so as not to lose everything. After the acquisition of the Crypto All Stars game, which was quite famous in February, it was closed and a popular game disappeared. Therefore, there is still much caution when playing games.


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