Block Edition Pokémon Quest Switch for free download


The Elf Pokémon series of games released several new titles on the (30th) day. One of them is the cube-shaped Pokémon Quest RPG game, which is now open for Nintendo Nintendo Switch. Players download it for free, and iOS and Android versions are also scheduled to be available by the end of June this year.

The story of the treasure explorer’s treasure hunt is staged in the square world of “Square Island” (Yeok Island). Players explore the island with the box-shaped sculpted “Bookufang” (ポクセル・Pokéxel) to find out Sleeping treasure on the island. The overall operation is very simple, just touch the screen to operate.

The game has main missions and challenge missions to challenge players, and island adventures are conducted in checkpoint mode. When Wild Pokémon appears, players need to work together with Pokémon’s partners to fight through the screen and knock down the enemy Pokémon to gain items. The special items “P Lishi” obtained during the adventure have different effects. Through the combination, they can enhance the power of Pokém and train their own Pokém’s exclusive dreams. They can also determine the moves and characteristics of Pokémon according to their preferences and further develop Fighting squads, fully exploit the characteristics of each Pokemon to defeat the enemy.

Players can use the materials collected during the adventure to cook at the base. According to the material in the pot, the scent generated will also attract different Pokemon’s dreams. In addition, the player can also decorate the base like a favorite, decorative items will also be able to enhance the efficiency of the adventure, such as to enhance the experience of special training experience.

“Booge Dream Adventure Treasure Hunt” supports eight languages: Chinese, Japanese, and English. Nintendo Switch is now open for download. iOS and Android are available at the end of June. All downloads are free, but some items in the game need to be paid for.


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