Bezos tweets: “Taking my new dog for a walk at the MARS 2018”


The world’s richest man, Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, published a photo of him walking alongside the Boston Dynamics robot dog through his personal Twitter account. Bezos tweets: “We took a walk with my new dog at MARS 2018.”

MARS is an abbreviation for machine learning, home automation, robotics, and space exploration. Boston Dynamics is one of the investment targets of Softbank Vision Fund (SVF).

Bezos said in January 2017 that in addition to continuing to open new warehouses, Amazon will continue to innovate in cloud technology, machine learning and advanced logistics technologies.

In January 2017, Bezos revealed in an exclusive interview with the Billboard magazine that Amazon’s cultivator machine learning has been used for more than 10 years and was initially used to provide customer suggestions; now, the machine learning system adopted by Amazon’s Fresh Food Business is Picking strawberries is even better than humans.

Marc Raibert, chief executive of Boston Dynamics, delivered a keynote speech at the “SoftBank World 2017” conference in July 2017, saying that the robots it produces can handle heavy loads. (Associated Press)

Thomson Reuters reported on March 19 that Loup Ventures pointed out in February that “Amazon Go” now looks perfect, and that Amazon will license this shopping technology to other retailers sooner or later.

At the ShopTalk e-commerce conference held in Las Vegas, Amazon vice president Gianna Puerini stated that Amazon Go convenience store clerk engaged in shelf replenishment most of the time. Amazon vice president Dilip Kumar also said on the same occasion that Amazon experts are trying to get computers to recognize items with little information.

“Amazon Go” uses car-level technology such as computer vision, deep learning code, and sensor fusion to instantly record what the consumer has removed into the virtual shopping cart. Assuming that consumers change their minds and put things back on the shelf, shopping records can be cancelled immediately. Once out of the store, Amazon will immediately issue billing details through the mobile phone. In other words, consumers do not have to wait in line for the checkout.

The “Amazon Go” released in December 2016 was not officially opened to the public until January 22, 2018. The team initially released 41 jobs. The latest (as of March 19, 2018) data shows that the job openings have been expanded to 53, including professionals in machine learning, computer vision and other related fields.


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