Become Iron Man

In the heat of the DC movie “Justice League”, there is a more faceted super hero steel bones, the hero who has a large number of mechanical parts, the right hand sonar, left shoulder Xbox, back Ejectors, even the lungs, were replaced by mechanical lungs that breathe underwater.

Steel character set, to some extent reflects the people’s “mechanical transformation of the human body,” this fantasy, we envy the machinery tireless, immense power, control them can no longer satisfy us, must and machinery Combining into one can really gain their power.

The reason that the steel bones changed from human beings to robots was because of the accidental explosion of the celestial star box, which enabled him to absorb a large number of high-tech mechanical devices. However, in the Marvel universe, Iron Man gives people a more realistic plan of putting high-tech machines in armor and wearing them.

The reason why this is a more realistic solution is that similar technologies have emerged in our lives and have a high commercial value. The name of this technology is called “mechanical exoskeleton.”


Put on a mechanical armor or put the robot on the brain?

The so-called mechanical exoskeleton, in short, is a wearable body support power support device. Like armor, wearing on the body will be able to get extraordinary ability, although not like the movie like the fly away the wall, firing bombs, but it can give people a lot of practical help.

In the original design, the most important role of mechanical exoskeleton is in the military. Armor-like mechanical exoskeletons protect soldiers and empower them to travel long distances, load weapons, access dangerous facilities, and more.

Later, people found that more and more areas need the support of this magical device. For example, a mechanical exoskeleton can be used as a prosthesis to help people regain athletic ability. During experiential training, a mechanical exoskeleton can also support people’s exercise. When a courier needs to carry a heavy object, the mechanical exoskeleton on the loins and arms can Let them easily lift a few hundred pounds of the shipment.

Feel free to use your brains to imagine the myriad uses of mechanical exoskeletons. In particular, all kinds of robots swept now, the brain make decisions + fingers flexible operation + machinery responsible for the power, which is a fantasy dream configuration robot, you can obviously use the robot + mechanical exoskeleton to solve.

And putting on a mechanical coat should be much easier and safer than letting the robot grow the brain.

Can not change Iron Man, not only because you are too poor

So, what exactly prevented us from transforming from ordinary human to Iron Man? From a technical point of view, really a lot.

The most important thing is in sensing. In accordance with the set, mechanical exoskeleton should be powerful, how to control this power is clearly a problem. It is obviously impractical to use a joystick as high as that. A set of basic exoskeletons require a minimum of 2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 ankles, 2 knees, and 1 lumbar vertebra for a total of 9 articulated components , Manually manipulated by the words, it may be necessary to control the other one.

When the battlefield may be the kind of “soldiers hurry to chase the enemy, helpless to manipulate his players behind not force” situation. And the strength of exoskeleton movement is not good control, maybe courier little brother just want it to help lift heavy objects, but accidentally overturned the courier car.

Another problem is the battery life. Since it is a powerful mechanical exoskeleton, it naturally requires power. The best solution at the moment is to place the battery in the mechanical exoskeleton. Can you imagine courier brother in order to lift a 15kg package, need to carry a 15kg lithium battery? Or is being Rush, one of the soldiers said to the other party, “Can we stop charging Let’s recharge.” Can not find the balance between the battery weight and charging frequency, speed, mechanical exoskeleton worry battery life so far.

The most important or cost, to know that the beginning of the mechanical exoskeleton is the leading research by the U.S. military, naturally expensive. Sensitive dense sensor, light and solid metal materials, etc., have given rise to the commercialization of mechanical exoskeleton difficulties.

Brain machine interface to deep learning, mechanical exoskeleton can have more black technology

But even with so many difficulties, there are still some civilian mechanical exoskeletons that appear in our field of vision. For example, Japan’s Tsukuba Cyberdyne company to develop actions to help the mechanical exoskeleton, Ford also for the assembly workers with upper extremity mechanical exoskeleton to help load-bearing. In China, it is reported that Jingdong is also developing mechanical exoskeletons to reduce the pressure on the waist of logistics workers. So how do these R & D teams overcome the above problems?

Take sensor control this point, there have been many black technology solutions.

The reason why humans can deftly control every part of their body is because the whole body of the neurons are able to transmit the motion signals as current. The same reason can be achieved in machinery. Paste electrodes on the human body to capture the signal sent by muscle movements, parsing the signal into instructions can make mechanical exoskeleton move with the body’s movements.

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