Atari is pushing new host after Nintendo and SEGA


In 2017, Atari was announced at the E3 Games in the United States to launch a new game console. At that time, the industry called this mystery product “Ataribox”, but Atari today has confirmed the name of this game console.

At the GDC 2018 Games Developer Conference that is being held, Atari officially announced the name of the host and the logo: Atari VCS. Yes, the name was once seen on the Atari Video Game System 40 years ago, which was released in 1977. In 1982, the host was renamed the Atari 2600.

The appearance and previous exposure, this new Atari VCS reference Atari 2600 retro wood grain front, also equipped with a control handle and Xbox style is very similar, when the classic rocker controller is also retained. Unfortunately, nowadays, Atari’s new consoles are not able to get other news besides the official naming and product renderings.

However, if there are no accidents, this console should have built several elegant Dali games. The masterpieces such as Elf and Pong will certainly not be absent, but it is obviously not necessary to use Radeon GPUs with only a few pixel games. Graphical chips and Linux OS, it is impossible to set the price at 250~300 US dollars.

Atari’s official also stated that Atari VCS is not just a “retro game console”, but there are also other new games and service support, such as PC game streaming. Or some independent game works transplant? More detailed information will not be disclosed until the pre-sale in April.

The reason for attracting Atari back to the game console is simple, because the business of retro consoles in these two years is too tempting, and the best example is the Nintendo’s FC mini and SFC mini. After being listed, the two products continued to circulate under various kinds of berserk and out of stock. Among them, SFC mini not only surpassed PS4 and Xbox One in the North American market in September and October 2017, but was also selected as one of “Time Magazine’s Top Ten Electronics in 2017”. product. According to Nintendo’s latest financial report at the beginning of this year, SFC mini game consoles currently sell more than 4 million units worldwide.

So, nostalgia is really worth the money. If Nintendo does not plan to stop its nostalgic business, then in 2018, we might even see a more attractive N64 mini or Game Boy mini console?

Although foreign countries have always had open medieval game trading channels, the demand for retro games by older players is far stronger than many people think. They are focused on finding all kinds of second-hand consoles and classic game cartridges, and even wondering how to buy a CRT TV to restore the most pure pixel picture.

In addition, compared with various third-party compatible machines on the market, the “genuine products” produced by the first party can often provide original handles with better feel, and also add humanity functions (such as instant archive, high-definition output) to many classic games of the year; What’s more, these hosts generally also hide a few colored eggs (such as let you play to the never-to-be-released “Starfire Firefox 2”).

However, for Atari, the launch of Atari VCS is more like an opportunity for its brand to be named. In recent years, Atari has experienced several bankruptcy reorganizations, and the development status is not very good. Basically, it still does distribution and authorization services centering on some old games. The most familiar to the mass players is the “transport paradise” version of “Dynamic Paradise”.

Even the Atari 2600, which Atari VCS pays tribute to, is hard to leave a positive image in the hearts of old players. Forty years ago, Atari ignored the construction of a content platform and triggered the North American game industry recession called “Atari Shock.” Consumers are reluctant to purchase games, and developers cannot develop new games. Atari does not hesitate to bury many game cartridges such as “ET Aliens” in the New Mexico desert where Americans test atomic bombs.

It was not until 2014 that a documentary called “Atari Game Over” resurfaced game cartridges that had been partially buried for decades. Even if this time Atari VCS is not selling well, ET aliens will not have to be buried again.


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