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Asustek’s e-sports (e-sports) brand ROG Republic of Gamers (Republic of Gamers), which took 8 months to prepare and spend RMB 100 million to build “ROG Store flagship experience store” officially opened on April 18; The equipment and peripheral products, including laptops, tabletops, and monitors, are indicative of the strategic ambitions of the ROG Republic of Gamers to deeply deploy the gaming market.

Compared to the general electronic products experience shop, to attract a large number of people, for the purpose of a short stay, so that the public to test the basic functions of the product, and then increase the exposure of the product, e-sports players completely different needs. They are heavy users of electronic products and cannot confirm the performance and quality of the products in a short period of time. They must even use their own equipment to play a game. Through actual testing, they can feel the effectiveness of the product. Therefore, the “ROG Store Flagship Experience Store” needs to do a long time experience shop with a “3 hours” service cycle so that players can directly come to practice and play the game.

Products, services, research and cooperation to create a complete eSports ecosystem
Asustek emphasizes the user’s complete experience. Since 2015, it has held more than 30 electric competition events and created 2.9 million viewers. Sales of e-sports products have grown by nearly 20% compared to last year. The opening of the experience store is expected to drive the growth of related products by 30% to 40%. Liao Yixiang, deputy general manager of ASUS Business, explained that this kind of growth can be achieved with ASUS attaching importance to the interaction between users and products. Asustek actively entered the campus to hold lectures and became the only designated brand for the electric games of the Universiade (National Junior College Games). It also deepened the player community, focusing on the main force of the gaming market, students of tertiary institutions, and through various resources and cooperation. Create a complete e-Sports ecosystem. “ROG Store Flagship Experience Store” is open to all colleges and universities, e-sports associations to apply for rental, and provide professional competition or course guidance venues. Service and product applications are maximized.

At present, Asustek has cooperated with the City Goshawk, a campus team of Taipei City University of Science and Technology. Representative Zhan Xunhong, Director of the Department of Density at the Taipei City University of Science and Technology and Director of the Republic of China Gambling Sport Association, said that this cooperation program with Asustek lasted for 4 years, with 3 years of professional knowledge training in the school and a year of practical learning by Asustek. , Train behind-the-scenes product design engineers and front-line e-sports players, “co-develop the territory of the e-sports industry and become a strong backing for each other.”

source: ASUS

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