Apple Watch 3 LTE

Apple Watch 3 LTE

The Apple Watch Series 3 with mobile Internet features will be available in Taiwan on the 11th. According to the reporter’s actual measurement, it is possible to connect, call, and navigate on the map without using a mobile phone. Helper to play a great role.According to Apple’s official document, the Apple Watch Series 3 with mobile Internet features is the “ultimate interpretation” of the Apple Watch. Even if you wear it alone to run, buy coffee, or walk your dog, you can keep in touch at any time. Today, consumers in Taiwan can finally enjoy this convenience.

In appearance, the EDGE version of the Apple Watch Series 3 has a distinctive red dot on the side knobs, which makes it possible to discern the difference from the GPS version of the Apple Watch Series 3 at a glance. As to why it was designed so prominently, Apple officials did not provide a clear statement. The reporter speculated that I am afraid that only the designer who created it can answer.

The Apple Watch Series 3 with mobile network features has changed the way people use Apple Watch. The reporter measured that in the mobile network connection state, the call voice assistant Siri called directly to the contact that was built in the phone book. The callee’s mobile phone started ringing in about 5 seconds, and the process was natural and smooth. There is almost no difference; after the connection, no matter whether the caller or the callee can make a clear call, the voice quality is stable and there is no delay.

The reporter also called Siri to search for a nearby convenience store. The LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3 will open a map program to provide directions and navigation. In case of getting lost in a strange place, this feature can quickly bring users to the attractions or places they know.

It is worth noting that third-party applications need to support Apple Watch Series 3’s mobile network features before they can use the watch independently to connect to mobile networks. Since the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3 will be available on the market in Taiwan on the 11th, there are not many third-party programs that support mobile network functions. Bus+, Yahoo News, Onefootball, Carrot Weather, and Nike+ Run Club are currently supported. Apps, it is expected that more apps will be supported in the future.

As for the LINE communication function that users are very concerned about, the reporter found that the mobile network connection has not yet been supported. The connection to the mobile phone will display the new LINE message. When replying, you can select a preset string such as OK, Yes, No, thank you, know, no problem, or input via voice. However, if you want to input more complicated information, you still have to use the mobile version or the computer version of LINE.

The LTE version of Apple Watch Series 3 will preferentially connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth. If the iPhone is not nearby, it will connect to the Wi-Fi network that was once connected; if the iPhone is not nearby, and there is no Wi-Fi available, it will connect to the iPhone. Mobile network.

Apple’s official battery test results indicate that the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3 can be used continuously for 18 hours, including a total of 4 hours of 4G LTE connection, and 14 hours of Bluetooth connection to the iPhone; 4G LTE can be connected for more than 1 hour Uses 4G LTE for music playlist streaming for up to 7 hours and outdoor audio training with streaming audio, GPS and 4G LTE for up to 3 hours.

Overall, the reporter’s actual measurement experience was quite satisfactory. These commonly used functions, including phone calls and map navigation, could all be connected via mobile networks and completed independently in the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3. They even forgot to bring their wallets and they could also use Apple’s. Watch’s Apple Pay payment gives users more freedom and flexibility. If you do not want to be bothered on some days, you may consider leaving the LTE Apple Watch Series 3 alone.

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