Amazon’s new delivery service can be delivered to the user’s car rear compartment


Since April 24th, 2018, Amazon has launched delivery service for rear cars in dozens of cities in the United States. It only requires the user’s car to support related technologies. Through the control of a smart phone, the delivery person can put the package on The user’s rear car or rear seat. This new service is aimed at users who worry about their packages being taken away in the garden or unable to receive parcels at the office.

On April 23, 2018, Amazon demonstrated the workflow of the new service. The delivery person took the parcel out of the wagon and walked into the car parked in the parking lot. After pressing several buttons on the application, the rear compartment of the car could be opened. After the parcel was placed in the close, the entire delivery process was completed.

In order to reduce the theft rate of parcels, Amazon has set up multiple measures in the process of product delivery, such as setting up a locker outside the retail store, where users can pick up the goods. In 2017, Amazon introduced a key service that allows the user to choose to have the delivery person unlock the door and place it in the package.

The new rear car distribution service will be launched in 37 cities and surrounding areas throughout the United States. Currently supported vehicles are the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicles launched in 2015 and later, and they have the OnStar account of GM’s roadside assistance and navigation service. The 2015 version of On Call Car Service or the new Volvo owner can also use the rear compartment to receive Amazon’s packages. The delivery person can find the car location of the user through the satellite positioning service of the in-vehicle system and unlock the rear compartment. Of course, the user must be an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon said that in the future, it will be expanded into a more branded automobile in the distribution of rear compartments. With regard to the car safety concerns of users, only one delivery box will be allowed to be unlocked in each delivery process to prevent unauthorised opening of users. car. However, this service requires the trust of consumers to promote it. Compared with Amazon’s delivery-to-home service, fewer anti-theft measures are required to deliver to the rear compartment, as the delivery-to-home service also requires the opening of networkable door locks and security surveillance cameras to prevent couriers from entering the user’s home illegally.

Rohit Shrivastava, general manager of Amazon Key, stated that Amazon offers users various options, but this service may not be suitable for everyone. There is no specific report on the frequency of parcel thefts, but the police departments all over the country have stated that this has become a very common theft. Especially after online shopping has become the main shopping method, the thief who specializes in parceling also has a nickname ─ Corridor Pirates (porch pirates).

Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey stated that for years, Amazon has been working hard to reduce the inconvenience of online shopping, which can be traced back to the one-click purchase service, making it easier and faster for users to shop online.

Since the new rear compartment delivery service must rely on satellite positioning, if the user’s car is parked in a basement where the communication signal cannot reach, the rear compartment cannot be delivered. Therefore, the user’s car must be parked in a publicly accessible area, such as the street. , On-street parking lot, on the day of delivery, the user will receive a delivery time period of 4 hours and a notification of car location and unlocking. After the delivery is completed, the delivery person will close the rear compartment. To prevent accidents, the rear compartment will be Closed automatically for a while. This service is more suitable for suburban office users using large pavement parking. If you are worried about the valuable items in your car, you don’t need to worry about it. If Amazon’s package or distribution service causes the user’s car to be the target of the thieves and be damaged, Amazon will compensate for the loss.

source: Amazon

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