Amazon Raises Corners of Microsoft’s High-Level Cheats: Innovation and High Salary


According to Paysa, a payroll analysis startup, the number of senior executives recruited by Microsoft from Microsoft in the past few years far exceeds that of other companies. At least 30 senior executives have jumped from Microsoft to Amazon within three years, except for the two companies’ headquarters. What is important is that high-level executives seem to value Amazon’s development prospects. Even as the scale of business expands, they continue to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and establish an innovative corporate image. In contrast, Microsoft appears to be a bit more conservative.

High-level core technology teams within Amazon all come from Microsoft. For example, Ruhi Sarikaya, Director of Application Technology at Amazon, leads Echo’s language assistant system development. His more familiar experience is working at Microsoft for 5 years. His team has developed the Cortana language. The assistant system establishes Cortana’s language understanding and dialogue management capabilities. Ruhi Sarikaya jumped to Amazon in 2016 and headed the Alexa Brain team of more than 200 engineers to build the core technology for Alexa’s natural language processing and dialogue management.

Ruhi Sarikaya is just one of the top executives who jumped from Microsoft to Amazon. According to paysa analyst Paysa’s report, data analysis results from 5 million resumes show that at least 30 Microsoft executives jumped between 2015 and 2017. In comparison to Amazon, only 5 Google executives switched to Amazon in the same period. Apple and eBay each had 2 senior executives to Amazon. Facebook and Netflix did not switch to Amazon. Paysa’s statistics only counted during Microsoft’s tenure, not including those who had worked at Microsoft.

Amazon executives can also find many former Microsoft executives. Dava Treadwell, Amazon’s vice president of e-commerce services, has worked at Microsoft for 20 years. Marc Whitten, former chief product officer at Microsoft, worked in the Amazon hardware department. Dirk Didascalou, vice president of Amazon’s Internet of Things, was Vice President, Microsoft Surface Hub Division.

Why Microsoft executives prefer to switch to Amazon, in addition to the two company headquarters are located in Seattle, another important reason is that Amazon’s rapid expansion, the need to recruit many experienced managers, from 2015 to 2017, Amazon’s employee growth Doubled, reaching 577,000 people.

The deeper reason may be the respective brand image of Microsoft and Amazon. For example, the attraction of Ruhi Sarikaya may be that Alexa is more successful in business than Cortana. In addition to continuing to maintain its leading edge in e-commerce business, Amazon has also become a leader in the cloud computing market, actively trying out drone delivery, unmanned shops, and other services to establish a fast and innovative image.

Microsoft has a very good reputation in cultivating talents, just as IBM is a gathering place for technical talents. Other companies like to recruit talents from technology companies. In addition, Microsoft’s compensation competitiveness is inferior to that of Amazon. According to the Blind report, Amazon’s bonuses With more employees than any other company, Amazon’s share price has grown by 430% since 2015. The main strategy for Amazon to hire talent is compensation. They are willing to pay more than the normal market price to attract talent. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft executives prefer Amazon.


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