Aircraft will use electric motor soon

In recent years, the world has set off a revolution in new energy. From electric vehicles to high-speed railways, it has changed our way of living and traveling step by step. In a short time, the aircraft will also use electric motors.

On Monday, Boeing HorizonX Ventures, a Boeing Company venture capital firm, bought a small amount of Cuberg, a battery startup. Officially announced that joined the global high-efficiency battery battle.Boeing did not disclose more details such as the transaction price. The spokesman said Boeing HorizonX Ventures’ single investments typically range from a few million to a whopping 15 million U.S. dollars.

Earlier, the Boeing-owned venture capital firm has invested in a Zunum Aero-based electric and hybrid aircraft startup. Zunum Aero is working hard to start selling hybrid aircraft by 2022.As for why Boeing wants to acquire a new energy aircraft start-up, CNBC quoted Richard Wang, co-founder and CEO of Cuberg as saying:

At present, the size of the battery is still quite large, so it can not be applied to the existing commercial aircraft models. Must be substantially improved to develop a new generation of batteries.Located in California, Cuberg, which was born at the University of California, Berkeley, is developing batteries that are lighter in weight and less flammable for aircraft. They hope to test in the second half of this year.

The carbon pollution caused by the fuel aircraft has drawn more and more attention from the international community. The article in the Atlantic magazine states that assuming a person commutes from New York to London, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by its jet fuel aircraft is equivalent to about one year of heating of a domestic home.

The International Civil Aviation Organization predicts that by 2050, aircraft will generate three times more carbon emissions.In this context, clean fuel aircraft aroused people’s attention.Compared to pure electric aircraft, hybrid aircraft technology seems to be more rapid pace of development. At the end of November last year, European industrial giants Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Germany’s electric aircraft division signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop a hybrid test machine.

The E-Fan X Hybrid Electric Technology Validator is expected to make its first flight by 2020 after a thorough ground test. This will be an important step in promoting the development of hybrid electric propulsion technology for civil aircraft.Airbus had publicly unveiled a battery-powered aircraft called the E-Fan in the hope of commuting to the next 20 years.

In the increasingly tense oil and gas resources today, the advantages of electric aircraft more and more prominent, several giants are accelerating the layout of electric aircraft in this new market is expected in the next 15 years, the size of the electric aircraft market will exceed 22 billion US dollars.

source: SINA