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Today, at the forum of the World Economic Forum titled “Dances with AI,” TONG Shu-yin, chairman of HST, pointed out that sabotage innovation will likely happen when artificial intelligence (AI) is fully realized.

She said that disruptive innovation is often used in the technology industry. Especially when the current AI is not fully realized, the situation is particularly clear. However, when the AI is fully realized, it is indeed possible to exert the power of disruptive innovation.

He said that through the history of the past, looking at the new era, the early Apple Apple II did not appear on the cover of the magazine and was only used as a fun thing for everyone. Even the iPod is only a great computer accessory application. However, when it owns the newsletter Function, but transformed, as the prototype iPhone.

He explained that through artificial intelligence services, Hesuo, in addition to analyzing product quality anomalies, can also provide a fit-for-purpose analysis when needed. There are a lot of people who think hard for a long time before they have the answer to the question, and it only takes about 3 minutes to complete the system through artificial intelligence.

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