Adorable panda cub just can’t help but try to help when it comes to cleaning up

The little cub really thinks this is helping (Photo: AsiaWire)
This adorable panda cub just wants to help – even if it involves theft.

The little cub just can’t resist trying to lend a hand when it comes to spring cleaning and even pinches a broomstick to sweep up her panda base.

Footage from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding – China’s foremost facility for the species’ conservation – shows the one-year-old giant panda cub named Ya Yun making mischief.

She tumbles around the fallen leaves inside her outdoor enclosure and plays with the long broomstick, while her caretaker is nowhere to be seen at the panda base in Chengdu, capital of China’s south-western Sichuan Province.c
She even resorts to theft in her bid to help out (Photo: AsiaWire)
She entertains the thousands of tourists visiting the Chengdu Panda Base and was also seen making life difficult for her caretaker when he was busy cleaning her and her twin sister’s enclosure.

Ya Yun’s twin, Ya Zhu, is usually seen as the more energetic and trouble-making bear, but the footage shows her to be just as naughty.
She steals a basket and rolls it down a hill, leaving visitors laughing at the sight.
The naughty cub is adorable (Photo: AsiaWire)
Just last week Ya Zhu found herself in the headlines when she hijacked a shipment of fresh bamboo and nicked the plastic crate they came in.

The twins’ mum, Ya Li, often has to intervene when her cubs get too out of hand, but for the most part it is the panda nannies who have their work cut out for them.