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“Fast to Whirlwind” ushered in the 30th anniversary of the game this year, and Capcom will also launch the “Cycling Whirlwind 30th Anniversary Collection” on the 29th, allowing players to once have a classic memory of whirlwind. The first generation of the “Cycling Whirlwind” was first introduced on the arcade. Maybe many of my friends have not yet been born! As a result, Capcom recently launched a short video to bring everyone back to the first generation and second generation of “Fast to Whirlwind.” The film was narrated by James Chen, game commentator of the “Clock in the Whirlwind” contest, and mainly introduced the story of the first generation and second generation of “The Whirlwind”.


The film can see the rare original design of the “Kitchen Whirlwind” generation. The “Fast to Whirlwind” generation was launched in 1987. Although the second generation is not as important as the second generation, it is still very important in the history of the game as a classic for fighting doubles. The design plan shows that the machine design is to allow two people to play directly against each other, but each player only has two buttons.

The “Fast to Whirlwind” generation has designed many classic rules and gameplay variations for the combat fighting game. The most important of course is the so-called nirvana system. The protagonist’s volleyball boxing, Thang Long boxing, and Tornado are all still present. In addition, it can also handle different attacks on the upper, middle and lower sections through the joystick. In addition, the “Cyclone” generation also designed a light/heavy attack system: When using light attacks, the power is weak, but it can contain the opponent; Let the enemy be organic.

Now we are all familiar with the home console joystick. Press different buttons to make a light/heavy attack. However, in the arcade game of the year, the two buttons functioned as “kicking” and “fisting” with the use of a rocker. How do you play light/heavy attacks?

Karpga spent some time designing this button. They made the button two-stage. If you tapped, the protagonist attacked lightly and if he pressed hard, he attacked. Perhaps considering the buttons and the game design, the frequency of machine failures may be increased due to the players being too excited. Therefore, in later versions, Capcom has launched a machine with 6 buttons, which has laid the foundation for the 6 buttons of fighting games. It even affects the standard size of the home console joystick with 6 buttons.

The 30th Anniversary Collection of the “Kitchen Coming soon” is expected to be launched on the 29th and will be available on platforms such as the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. It will start with the “Fast to Whirlwind Generation” and will continue to include 12 pieces of “Fast to Whirlwind 3rd”. . Among them, 4 pieces of “Hyper-Cyclone 2 Hyper Fighting”, “Super Fighting Cyclone 2 TURBO”, “Fast to Whirlwind ZERO3”, and “Fast to Whirlwind 3rd” will allow you to compete online with your friends.

source: capcom

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