5 Ways To Keep Your Home Cozy All Winter Long

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‘Tis the season to swap out all of your warm weather linen and decor for something much more suited to the colder months. You might love your light and airy fabrics, but when that first taste of winter rolls in you’ll be reaching for anything to make your space feel cozy. From pillows and throws and plush warm fabrics to heaters and fireplaces, there is an array of practical and pretty options to make your home cozy this season.

A complete overhaul of your furniture and decor is totally not necessary—but we respect your dedication to the seasons. Winterizing your home can be done in just a few simple steps without spending thousands of dollars every season on a redesign. Here are the five steps you can take to keep your home cozy all winter—and year—long.

Get new bedding.

Switching up your bedding for the colder months can be just as much a practical thing as it can be a welcomed aesthetic change. You can swap your throw pillow covers for plush velvet ones, and swap your thin blanket for a soft and silky faux fur throw that will look good and keep you warm all season. Switching color schemes can help too. A warmer and darker set of sheets can’t hurt but most importantly you should think about your comforter. The thin quilt may have worked for the summer months but winter is here. Upgrade to a down comforter that will do all the work to keep you warm. This award-winning all season version has a 700 fill power meaning its thick and fluffy enough to combat even the harshest winters.



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